God head

God Head

I think it was back in 88′ or maybe 92′ while on a research expedition in the southern forties, found myself stranded on a mountainous island with only lettuce to eat. It grew rather slowly, so my search for food expanded as I exhausted my supply near the encampment. It was on such a search that I perceived I was in the middle of a large abandon city, intact and festooned with large statues of forgotten deities, spires of every sizes topped with the heads of old forgotten gods, and carvings on every surface or wall. I soon found the what must have been the chieftain’s compound and promptly moved out of my cave, and into this most splendid of domiciles. I lived happily, for what seemed like years among the bric a brac that the abandon city was built, until the lettuce finally ran out. With my last bit of energy I formed a crude raft out of driftwood and took some of my most treasured items from city and set off out into the southern ocean. It wasn’t long before I was picked up by whaler and eventually made my way home, with only a few of my most cherished objets d’art still in my possession.

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